Adrian Killins continues to impress in sophomore season

Photo courtesy of UCF Athletics Communications.

UCF sophomore running back Adrian Killins Jr. and football go together like cheese and bread.

Killins has had multiple explosive long runs this season, putting himself in the national spotlight, and even picking up some new fans along the way. One fan, known as “TJ LSU DAD” or “@tj_lsudad” on twitter, has even made reaction videos to Killins’ big plays that have made their way back to the entire Knights team and coaches.

“Coach Frost actually called me cheese and bread this morning,” Killins joked. “It’s a funny lingo and he’s a great guy and he shows great support to UCF. He’s an LSU fan but he shows great support and respect to UCF. He’s a great guy and I applaud him for that. I thank him and I look forward to more videos in the future.”

The Daytona Beach native was the first recruit to commit to UCF after Frost was named head coach and is perhaps one of the biggest difference makers the team has. Killins’ speed is something that is clear as soon as you see him carry the ball, but it’s what he does with his speed that Coach Frost believes makes him special.

“There’s a lot of fast guys out there. Well, there’s not a lot of fast guys, not a lot of guys as fast as AK, but there is a lot of people that can run. AK is a great football player too,” Frost said. “He uses his speed obviously, but that one long run he had [in the SMU game] he had to make a couple really nice cuts, he had to break a couple tackles. I think that that’s where he’s improved. It’s not just all about speed this year. He’s making good decisions, good cuts, he’s running strong, he’s breaking tackles. He’s just a really good football player and I think he’s continued to improve through every week this season.”

So far this season, Killins leads the Knights in rushing with 575 yards on 67 attempts, averaging 8.6 yards per carry. In the Knights’ game last week at SMU, Killins rushed for a career high 145 yards, including a 64 yard rushing touchdown on the night.

“I feel very durable. My body is healthy,” Killins said. “The staff is doing a great job of making sure everyone’s healthy on the team. I’m just here helping the team win games.”

Earlier this season, Killins put his name in the history books as well with an explosive 96-yard touchdown run against Memphis. That run is the longest touchdown ever recorded in UCF program history.

“I just wanna win games and just win a lot of championships and get a lot of rings because I’ve never won a championship a day in my life,” Killins said. “I’m looking forward to winning here with this team and changing the culture here at UCF.”

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