UCF breaks out brand new and beyond clean road combo for major matchup against Tulane

Photo from UCF.Football on Instagram

The game of the season is upon us this weekend, with #22 UCF headed to New Orleans to face #17 Tulane in a matchup that could help decide the AAC title race.

Classic Big Game Gold occasion, right? Nope!

The Knights are once again (thankfully) rolling with black lids for a big game, pairing them with white jerseys and white pants in a combo that we surprisingly have never seen before in the modern uniform era with a base jersey. It’s a pretty simple combo to have never been used before but it certainly does look good.

And, after a bit of a letdown last week, the decal game is very much on point with the white stack UCF decal appearing on a black helmet for the first time since September 2018. Thanks to the new wider sword stripe and the darker black helmet, this may flat out be a Top 3 helmet for UCF outside of space looks.

There’s something just so alluring about the white UCF logo, with just a hint of gold shimmering within it, absolutely popping against a jet black background. I’d take that helmet in half of the games each season if I could.

I’ve been a big fan of some of UCF’s all black-and-white looks over the last few years but was worried (and sort of assumed) that we’d be seeing less of that with the new emphasis of on-brand looks.

But it’s great to see that those clean looks are not only still on the table but can be used for big-time matchups. You want to look your best for the biggest games and UCF certainly is accomplishing that goal.

From top to bottom, this combo easily takes the title of best road look of the season so far for the Knights.

Combo Notes

  • This is the first time that UCF has worn black helmets for a road game since November 2020
  • UCF has now worn 10 unique helmet designs this season
  • After wearing it twice in 2018, the Knights went three full seasons without the black helmet and white UCF decal being paired
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