Gold pants are back! UCF drops a modernized version of an old-school road combo

Photo from @UCF_Football

UCF will be wearing a modern take on what might be its most old-school road combo this weekend against FAU. The team announced that the Knights will be donning white helmets and jerseys to pair with gold pants.

White/White/Gold was UCF’s road game staple for much of the 2000s and, while we’ve gotten a gold pants look here and there since the 2016 redesign, this is the first time that the Knights will wear this specific combo since October 2015.

I think it’s safe to say that it’s never looked better. The gold pants have their detractors, but I’ve always been a big fan. The Gold/White/Gold combo worn against Houston in 2020 was particularly nice.

The helmet also has the added touch of featuring the Script Knights decal on one side, which has become a fan favorite logo.

This new take on the gold pants also just ties in better with the rest of the combo thanks to the black Polaris stars. It makes for a stronger look all around.

This combo is certainly a departure from the Pewter/White/Pewter look that UCF wore when last facing FAU. We’d known for months, especially from Terry Mohajir’s comments, that this was the direction the team’s brand would be moving.

Less pewter and anthracite, more black and gold. Mohajir even said on a Twitter Space the day the uniforms were revealed that he thought the White/White/Pewter combo worn against Cincinnati last year looked like a practice uniform.

I think it’s a safe bet that this is not the last time we will be seeing the gold pants in 2022.

Thoughts on the new white jerseys

This is our first legitimate sighting at UCF’s new white jerseys, after only getting a look at renders the day that they were revealed. They unsurprisingly follow the same minimalist style that we’ve seen on the new black jerseys, which will definitely lend itself to being used in a lot of versatile combos.

I’m most impressed with how well it fits with the gold pants in this set. The black stars match with the jersey numbers and the number trim matches with the pants. But I will jump on the boat that a lot of fans are on that the Pegasus on the sleeves doesn’t necessarily show up the best.

It doesn’t bother me on the black jerseys but it is very blended into the white background of this jersey. Hopefully it will pop a bit more when actually under the lights.

Combo Notes

  • This becomes the fifth unique white jersey that UCF has worn since 2016
  • UCF has now worn eight straight unique helmet designs
  • This is just the fourth time that the Knights have worn gold pants since the 2016 redesign
  • UCF has not lost a game while wearing gold pants in seven years
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